A Simple and Elegant Cat Water Dispenser

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Product dimensions: 8.38*8.38*5.67 inches

Product weight: 2.0pounds

Capacity: 3.5L

Material: 304 stainless steel; ABS; PP

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This sleek and modern dispenser is designed to provide your feline friend with clean, fresh water at all times. With its black and white color scheme, made of high-quality white plastic and 304 stainless steel, this dispenser not only looks great in any home but also ensures durability and stability for long-term use.

Equipped with a multi-layer filtration system, this water dispenser guarantees clean and high-quality water for your pet. The bucket is made of silver ion antibacterial material, providing an extra layer of protection for your pet's health. Additionally, the constant temperature heating feature ensures that the water remains at an optimal temperature for your pet to enjoy.

Safety is a top priority with this water dispenser, as it includes waterless power-off and induction power-off functions to ensure safe operation. The remote monitoring function allows you to keep an eye on your pet's water intake from anywhere, using your smartphone or other devices.

Not only is this water dispenser practical and functional, but it also boasts a simple and elegant appearance. It is easy to assemble and clean, making it a convenient and low-maintenance addition to your pet care routine. Furthermore, its silent and power-saving design ensures a peaceful environment for both you and your pet.

Overall, this intelligent drinking water system is designed to provide convenience, safety, and comfort for your beloved cat. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly refilling water bowls and ensure that your pet always has access to clean, fresh water with this automatic water dispenser.

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