The Minion Cat Feeder

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Product dimensions: 7.99*11.73*9.09 inches

Product weight: 1.8pounds

Capacity: 1.8L

Material: 304 stainless steel; ABS; PP

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Introducing the Minion Cat Feeder - the ultimate solution for pet owners who want to ensure their kittens are well fed and cared for even when they're away from home. This adorable feeder is not only a practical necessity, but also a charming addition to a pet owner's home.

Designed with the cutest minion appearance, this feeder is not only beautiful but also functional. With a capacity of 1.8L, it is tailor-made to meet the needs of small pet cats. This feeder features an elegant color scheme with a white background and light gray accents, making it a stylish addition to any home.

The Minion cat feeder comes with multiple features to ensure the health and well-being of your furry friend. It is equipped with a thickened sealing cover to prevent air from entering, a built-in desiccant box for dehumidification and moisture-proofing, and a safety lock on the cover to prevent pets from eating food and affecting their eating habits.

This feeder is suitable for a variety of staple foods, freeze-dried, and multi-grain dry foods. It also has the functions of food shortage reminder, eating record, and regular and quantitative food delivery. The barrel and plastic parts feature antimicrobial technology that effectively inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring food remains fresh and safe for your pet.

The Minion Cat Feeder also adopts an upgraded silicone impeller to prevent grain interference, a wide-angle 45° bevel design to prevent accidental bites, and a stainless steel or ceramic non-stick coating food bowl that rejects black chins. In addition, it also has a voice function, which can make voice calls and reminders when eating, and can also be remotely controlled through the APP to conveniently update the feeding situation.

The feeder features timed feeding, segmented feeding and remote control, allowing pet owners to ensure their pets are fed regularly and in portions, even when they are not at home. The Rated Feed feature also allows precise control of the amount of food dispensed, preventing overfeeding or underfeeding.

Thanks to its easy-to-clean and durable design, the Minion Cat Feeder makes cleaning and maintenance simple.

All in all, the Minion Cat Feeder is more than just a feeder; It's a comprehensive solution for pet owners who want to ensure their kittens are well fed, healthy, and happy even when they're not around. With its adorable design and advanced features, this feeder is a must-have for any pet owner who wants the best for their furry friends.

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